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We partner with our clients to maximise their M&A strategy by designing and delivering creative risk insurance solutions.

Warranty & Indemnity (W&I)

Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) Insurance covers unknown and unforeseen losses from a breach of a warranty or a claim under a tax indemnity in the underlying transaction documentation.

Tax Liability Insurance

Tax Liability Insurance covers losses incurred as a result of a tax position being challenged by a tax authority and it can be an effective alternative for tax rulings.

Contingent Legal Risk Insurance

Contingent Legal Risk Insurance provides cover for losses arising from an identified legal issue of which the outcome remains unknown (including in the context of litigation).

Real Estate

Specific Real Estate Risk Insurance covers losses arising from an identified risk (including in the context of litigation) in relation to the use or ownership of a property, such as: planning and zoning breaches, permit (including leasehold conditions) breaches or defects and title defects.

Environmental Liability Insurance

Environmental Liability Insurance covers losses arising from pollution or contamination. Historic, ongoing, or future liabilities can be covered in relation to a transaction or on a stand-alone basis.

Due Diligence

We provide you with a greater understanding of the target company of its risk (insurance) management. We focus on laying out the key considerations for integration from a risk (insurance) perspective. Our process enables us to complete assessments in an accelerated time frame while providing detailed information and pre- and post-deal recommendations.

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